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Quinta das Amendoeiras
Douro, Portugal


Quinta das Amendoeiras has been in the Trigo de Negreiros family since the 1940s, when it was bought by Joaquim, grandfather of the four brothers current owners. This acquisition marked the resumption of the family's connection to the banks of the Douro, from where it had left at the end of the 19th century, pushed by the devastation of the vineyards caused by phylloxera. The winery then started producing Port wine again, but shortly afterwards Quinta das Amendoeiras started selling only it...

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Negreiros - How We Make Wine -  Harvest 2017
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Negreiros wine is the first concrete result of the 1999 European Union-Latin America and Caribbean Summit in Rio de Janeiro.


Or of an unlikely love story.

Of how Mário and Eva, two Portuguese journalists who corresponded abroad at the time, met, decided to return to Portugal, and then Joaquim Trigo de Negreiros challenged his son to take over the management of Quinta das Amendoeiras, in the Alto Douro, and make a wine with the family name.


The first Negreiros was born in 2004, in a period of great growth in wine production and new brands in the Portuguese market. This context, added to the financial difficulties that the country went through in the following years, forced Negreiros - and many other producers - to look for alternative markets. Today, almost all our production is consumed in the UK.


We make red wine and in the best years we make "Reserva" editions. Although all Negreiros can be labeled as such by meeting the IVDP's demanding criteria, we don't want to trivialize the term: we have reserved "Reserva" for really special years, when we can separate the best lots without compromising the quality of Negreiros Colheita.


Between successes and difficulties, the history of Negreiros has been built with its wines, but also, and very much, by the way they are made. During the harvests, the house opens up to people from all over the world. There have been Dutch, Norwegian, English, Brazilian, Cypriot, and German feet in a single wine press. And there is no hierarchy in work - the owner also washes boxes, sweeps the cellar, and prunes the vines.


Every year, besides wine, Quinta das Amendoeiras has produced a by-product that we value a lot: a lot of new old friends. That is why we usually say that Negreiros is a wine made with people and ... with some grapes too!



If you want to be treated like a king or a queen, please don't come...

If you want to know a real Douro Quinta, where real people make real wine in a real winery, you’re most welcome! 





The heart and soul of Negreiros family. You will always have a glass of our beloved wine waiting for you! 

Or perhaps a few bottles.

Private Boat Ride


The Douro river looks even more spectacular when you explore it by boat. Add in a pair of skis and a wakeboard and fun is guaranteed!



Because wine and food love each other, we offer this experience with homemade meals created with a lot of love and care.

River Beach


The Douro river is just a short walk from the house and a private beach area is one of the features that makes our offer unique in the region. The river provides guests with an enjoyable bathing with the stunning hillsides in the backdrop.



We are located in a privileged site, classified World Heritage by UNESCO. The Quinta is surrounded by gorgeous natural views, just where the mountains meet the river, perfect for you to get rid of the noise and the pollution of the cities.


We love music! There is a guitar in each room and more instruments around the house. We aim to make your stay at Quinta das Amendoeiras an unparalleled travel experience to help recharge, reboot and inspire you.





Fraga da Ola Observatory


From the newly built metal structure you can see the famous Fraga da Ola surrounded by extraordinary panoramic views of a large section of the Douro valley.

Coordinates: 41º 09 '54.02' 'N 7º 14' 03.12''O

Ansiães Castle


The Ansiães castle location provides excellent natural defense. This castle has a long history, with the first remnants of the site dating back to the third millennium BC.

Coordinates: 41°12'10.00"N / 7°18'19.66"W

Anta de Zedes

Megalithic monument locally known as Casa da Moura. The monument is well preserved and it is possible to see its polygonal chamber and the impressive aisle facing East.

Coordinates: 41º16’32.79”N / 7º17’36.61”O


“The place and hospitality were much over our expectations and better than any other place we have been in Portugal. They exceed all they promissed in the internet site. Charming family excellent cooking and the best view of the river and valley.” - Avner and Zohar Karpol



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